Details about this year's STEAM Fair are in the works.  Below is our 2021 details.

General Information

This is an opportunity for all our inventors, scientists and engineers to share their ideas with our school community.  The STEAM Fair is an opportunity for students to explore topics within the STEAM fields.  Participation is completely optional and voluntary.  The STEAM Fair is not a competition, it is an opportunity for children to make meaningful connections to the real world as they develop the skills, behaviors, and dispositions necessary for college, career, and life readiness.

Project ideas should come from the students and students should drive their projects. It is important that students conduct their own research, experiments, and discovery—even if the experiment or design doesn’t work!  Students may work independently or work with a partner (sibling or friend pod)—it’s their choice!  

Student(s) will then present to friends and family through the virtual STEAM Fair video the PTO will prepare.  

ALL Students must register to participate in the STEAM Fair by May 17th.  There is no cost to participate, however the STEAM Fair Planning team needs to understand the number of participants for planning purposes.  Click here to Register.

After registering videos have to be uploaded no later than May 24th.  Videos can be no longer than 2 minutes.  Click here to Upload Video.

Any questions please contact

Helpful Tips:

 Tip 1:  How to Pick a STEAM Fair Topic

Click here to download tips that can be printed for students.

The video below is for students to listen to.

 Tip 2:  How to Setup you STEAM Fair Project

The video below is for students to listen to.

 Tip 3:  How to Setup your Project Display Board and Make your Video

The video below is for students to listen to.

Excited Children in Science Class