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On Campus at MES

Boy Playing in Snow

Winter Tote Bags

Each students gets one MES Tote Bag, the PTO will no longer collect bags at the end of winter. If you would like to purchase a new bag they are $5.

  • Students bring their MES Tote Bag to and from school daily (when there is snow on the ground)

• After recess, students will put snow pants, wet gloves, etc in the MES Tote Bag

• Students will take home the MES Tote Bag so the wet clothing can be dried for the next day

Winter Recess Guidelines

 Wind Chill/“Feel Like” Temperature Recess

 40-60 degrees                       Coat, layers are best

 less than 40 degrees              Hat, gloves, coat required

*Snow pants & waterproof boots are required for snow

 less than 20 degrees              Indoor Recess


Venmo Guidelines

When submitting payments please do not use emojis or hashtags, it does not transfer correctly when downloading for accounting use.

• Payments cannot be combined, each event or enrichment must be sent as separate payments. For example we cannot except payments for jog-a-thon and enrichment as one lump sum.

• Please include name of student(s), grade(s) and teacher(s) for all payments.

• Venmo payments do not guarantee a spot in enrichment or an event. You must turn in registration form and check the appropriate payment box. The registration form is what registers a child for an event or enrichment.

• If in the event your child gets put on the waitlist for an enrichment programs and payment has already been provided via Venmo you will receive a refund via Venmo.

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