Outdoor Stage


At our April PTO meeting it was approved to use some of the PTO budget to construct an outdoor stage!  This will allow for students to enjoy assemblies outside, have there class plays, music concerts, promotion, and much more outdoors!  However, to do this we are in need of families to help.  We are in the very beginning of the planning stage.  We have several steps that we need to get through, but we are targeting an aggressive completion date of early June 2021.


If you have any construction experience please reach out to Nicole Mulanaphy (NMulanaphy@yahoo.com), we are in need of those who know how to build to lead volunteers.

If you would like to help organize and progress this project forward please also reach out to Nicole Mulanaphy (NMulanaphy@yahoo.com).


 We are hoping to pick a weekend in May or early June for adults from our school community to come together and construct the stage.  More details will follow on this, as this is just the beginning!