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Fall Fun at School!

October 30, 2020

This school year is strange and different, but also special in it's own way with FUN new games.  While we do miss some of our most treasured days, Pumpkin night was one of our favorites.  So we decided to bring a small piece of Pumpkin Night to you.  It is a big night for fourth graders, they get to plan the outdoor walk through event so we gave them an extra special Boo this year.

K-3rd Grade Boos!
4th Grade Boos!

One of the many fun activities at Pumpkin Night is The Guessing Jars!  This was brought to the students today.  Cotton balls, pine cones, candy corn, and guess the weight of the pumpkin!  Whoever guesses the closest gets some fun Matunuck Spirit Wear!  Check back to find out who guessed the closest!  

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