WOW!  We had 55 participants and the STEAM projects were so interesting and creative!  We are so proud of our students!

Click here to View the 2021 Virtual STEAM Fair

All Matunuck students are welcome to participate in Matunuck's First STEAM Fair!

Our goal is to encourage exploration and discovery and promote a deep, lifelong passion for the sciences, technology, engineering, arts, and math. 

**video with students was filmed last year

Our STEAM fair will be virtual this year.  How it will work is you will record your experiment, invention or project and an adult will upload it to the PTO.  The PTO will then compile all the recordings into one fantastic STEAM adventure.  The STEAM fair is open to ALL Matunuck Elementary students.  Your STEAM project can be done on your own, with a sibling or with someone else from your pod. The only requirement is that all participants are students of Matunuck Elementary and that you do the work on your own.