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  2023 Matunuck STEAM Fair  
January 24, 2023

Project Ideas

Examples of Projects (available from the NICEE):

1st grade student (No Pecker Egg Collector)

3rd grade student (EZ Twisty Butter Stick)

There are many online resources to help students with project ideas.  Below are some helpful resources.

1st Grade Science Fair Project Ideas:
2nd Grade Science Fair Project Ideas:
3rd Grade Science Fair Project Ideas:
4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas:

List of Science Fair Project Ideas by different categories:

If you like asking questions and exploring solutions:
If you like solving problems and proposing solutions:

Project ideas from Ridgewood Elementary School:

Project ideas from Silverbrook Elementary School:

200 Project Ideas:

Project ideas from Science Buddies:

Here are some examples of project ideas that you will find in the above resources:

  • Does the sun heat saltwater and freshwater at the same rate?

  • What is the best shock absorber for dropping an egg?

  • What is the best insulator to keep ice from melting?

  • What makes a shadow?

  • What are the parts of a plant and their uses?

  • What are the habitats of a trout, cardinal and boa constrictor?

  • What dissolves in water and what does not?

  • What does a tree look like in all four seasons?

  • Which type of microwave popcorn pops the best?

  • Can plants grow normally when upside down?

  • Which Food will mold the fastest?

  • Is it a fruit or veggie?

  • Does the brand of kitty litter affect clumping?

  • Which cereal brand stays crunchy in milk the longest?

A Matunuck STEAM Fair Project can be

  • a science experiment or demonstration

  • an invention or functional item designed to solve a problem (engineering design)

  • a model or collection related to the theme

  • an artistic representation or exploration (painting, sculpture, poem, story, music, etc)

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